Bespoke Skirting Boards

You love your home and you want it to be perfect. And unique. Adding design features that nobody else has makes your home special. It’s your own personal world and you deserve to have it exactly how you want it.

Dedicated bespoke skirting board design service

Now you can do that with our bespoke skirting boards design service, where you can match your ideas and make them a reality.

Maybe you have seen a design that you really like, but you don’t know where it came from? Maybe there is a design in situ that you want to replicate? However you have come across these ideas, we can turn them into a unique product, made especially for you.

How does it work?

All we need is a sample with a minimum length of 15cm to work to, and then if you complete our enquiry form we can get to work. The process is really quick and simple:

  • We prepare a quote based on the sample and information you supply us
  • We put the design into our CAD system and prepare some detailed drawings
  • You take a look at the design drawings and send your approval
  • We start to manufacture the boards once you have authorised our design
  • We issue you with a unique product reference code to enable you to re-order your special product to the same specification in the future.

If you would like to receive a quotation for a bespoke piece of skirting, please complete this enquiry form and send it in along with a sample of the moulding you would like us to match to:

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Period Mouldings – bespoke skirting boards specialist

Our bespoke skirting boards service is in addition to our stock products, which allow you to match skirting board and architrave from various design periods such as Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian and contemporary. We know that every home is different and you deserve to have the choice to be able to match styles as closely as possible, or even to invent your own style.

So contact us today with your bespoke skirting board ideas and we will work with you to bring your designs to life. Your home should be tailor-made for you, and with Period Mouldings we can bring that one step closer to reality.