At Period Mouldings our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry means we understand how important it is to get every detail right in a period property. Our aim is to provide authentic period features which offer consistency and an aesthetic appeal to your home. This includes the smallest detail such as blocks, which are used to fill gaps in your skirting or architrave to ensure your period designs are complete, consistent and attractive. Check out our full range by browsing our online selection available in a range of sizes.

Corner Blocks

Skirting Blocks & Plinth Blocks

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When refurbishing or renovating a period property, many people find that rooms and features within them were not originally made to the same standard measurements or with the same accuracy as homes are today. That means wall or door sizes can be irregular or non-standard because building techniques have changed. This sometimes means that you need short fill-in materials on edges, corners or straight lengths to fill a gap or make a neat connection. At Period Mouldings our years of experience in being an established designer of period features mean we can supply this need. We provide a range of hand-crafted period blocks and plinths which are Made in Yorkshire with premium quality craftsmanship, and from the very best quality of woods, such as Oak, Pine, Tulipwood and Sapele. Our blocks have chamfered edges so that they match other period features of your home such as skirting, architrave and wall and door mouldings. We have also designed our blocks to ensure they complement a range of period styles, such as Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian. You may even need some blocks or plinths to solve a problem in a contemporary home. So speak to our experts today and we can advise on what kind of block or plinth you need to complete your period design.