Our Bestselling Products – Skirting Boards & Architraves

The wealth of skirtings, architraves, rails and door mouldings available in our range is eclectic and challenging, and draws inspiration from all areas around the world. Inevitably some products draw more attention than others, this may be down to interior design fashions, a surge in popularity of a particular period due to a film or […]

My House Doesn’t Have Skirting Boards: Should I Add Them?

The humble skirting board has been a point of discussion for generations, with the many pros and cons often depending on the type of house you live in. If your current house has no skirting boards, it may be that some of the benefits are not applicable, but alternatively, there are a number of problems […]

3 Tips for Replacing Victorian Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are a common feature of the home to be replaced, particularly in a Victorian property where rooms are larger and perhaps the boards have been subject to damage and deterioration, at least historically if not more recently. Skirting boards are relatively cost-effective to buy, and hence it is often not worth trying to […]