Are you an interior designer who needs ideas and solutions for creating period detail in a room? Then contact Period Mouldings for expert help in designing the perfect period property.

The importance of period detail

Period features in traditional homes include architrave, skirtings, ceiling mouldings, doors and picture rails. These all serve a functional purpose, but as an interior designer you are more interested in creating balance in a room and making it easy on the eye. These period features can draw the eye and become a central feature of a room, so you need to get them right.

At Period Mouldings we have designed and manufactured a range of period features which are faithful to designs from the most popular UK design periods, such as Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian, as well as some contemporary designs. So you can use these design solutions to either replace existing features in a room or create new ones. And you can do this knowing that our period features carry the right detail and profiles to have a consistent theme which can run from room to room, or into corridors  to link rooms.

Quality period features

As an interior designer you need to know that the features you choose to include in a room look great and will last. Our period features are UK-manufactured using traditional craftsmen and techniques adopted from the original design periods. We also use the best quality woods, such as Pine, Oak, Sapele and Tulipwood so that our features are robust and durable and can be sanded, coated and/or painted easily in a style that suits the room you are designing.

Contact Period Mouldings for quality interior design solutions

If you can’t find the design or profile that suits the room you are sketching out and planning, contact our experts at Period Mouldings and we might be able to help. We can manufacture bespoke designs to your unique specification, and because we are a family business with an attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we can make sure the designs are accurate to your requirements and will enhance the style and elegance of the period room you are designing.

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