Retain the style and elegance of your Victorian property, right down to the details. The Victorian era was categorized by high ceilings and large windows, and here at Period Mouldings, we are passionate about retaining historic designs. Our range of skirting boards are designed to complement your period property, hand crafted in Yorkshire and available in a range of quality woods, styles and lengths.

As a renowned, family business from Yorkshire, we are immensely proud of the authenticity and historical accuracy of our skirting board designs. Sourced from architectural drawings, or actual period properties situated in the UK, we preserve and protect the beauty of times gone by. Explore our range of skirting boards, available in a number of sizes, styles and woods including Georgian skirting boards, Edwardian skirting boards and Contemporary skirting boards.Contact the experts today and find the perfect, hand crafted skirting board for you period property - we would love to help.