Our Environmental Policy

At Period Mouldings we are committed to being a company that is continuously reducing our carbon footprint and this has meant we have undertaken the following actions:

  • All our wood is sourced from FSC timber
  • We only use wood or wood laminates – we do not machine any MDF
  • We assess our suppliers to ensure that they are buying from wood mills that are committed to sustainability
  • We recycle almost all of our waster sending very little to landfill
  • We collect the shaving and dust and send this to company that use it in a variety of ways from pet bedding to making wood briquettes
  • Any shaving/dust that may not be good enough for these markets we can make into briquettes as we have our own wood briquette making machine
  • All our offcuts are stored throughout the summer and utilised in the winter to heat our workshop and help to dry our spray drying room
  • All the paints that we use are water based
  • We only use low environment glues in creating bonding solutions
  • All our paint tins are recycled and sent to a metal recovery company
  • We separate all our plastics and cardboard and allow companies to collect them on a sporadic basis
  • We have full LED lighting in all locations
  • We are investing over £100,000 over the next two years in more efficient, wood extraction, wood moulding, compressor solutions and drying methods