Perhaps the concept of Yorkshire designers being pioneers may seem a little bizarre. But be that as it may, Richard Grafton Interiors has adopted the range of wood mouldings from Period mouldings with vigour and perhaps started a trend in letting his customers both visualise and “lay a hand” on Period wood Mouldings in situ.

Richard started in interior design with his family company which has been one of the stalwarts of the Yorkshire design scene for over 50 years. However,of late like any artistic entrepreneur he wished to expand his own repertoire transforming a three floor store, into one of Harrogate’s most prestigious  “lifestyle studios and showroom”

The Period Mouldings Connection
Richard  asked us to help him form a journey of discovery throughout his shop not just from the viewpoint of the normal items of display but the range of skirting’s, architraves and other wood mouldings. Offering his discerning customers a glimpse into what could be achieved with our products in transforming the ambience of both the shop-floors and their homes.

Taking over 10 designs he set about creating rooms or spaces that took inspiration from the different architectural periods of British Architectural History.

On the top floor where the Camden and Taylor are combined giving an ambience of New York loft using designs created in the 1920’s.

Georgian and Victorian
On the middle floor he opted for more traditional Georgian and Victorian products including reeded architraves, corner blocks and skirting blocks to show the customer how these styles could be used in a high traffic work environment of his sample and demonstration area.

In his lounge area in keeping with the Victorian building he chose Gainsborough’s and Queensbury extended to provide a striking backdrop to the sitting room environment which seems to be the haunt of a number of male customers who are enthused by the 60inch flat screen TV.

Downstairs in what is the start of the journey the ambience is post-modern mixing traditional elements with new colours and styles to give a balanced eclectic style. Here we supplied the mouldings made specifically for Gwyneth Paltrow’s new London restaurant- The Arts Club.

So effective has been the stepped moulding, panelling and faux wainscoting that people think the products are part of the original buildings infrastructure.

What is the impact today and in the future?

Designers always seem to have an eye for the future with a knowledge base that accrues from the past.

As an innovator we applaud his buccaneer attitude and feel gratified that he joins an increasing groundswell of architects, developers and designers who use Period Mouldings products to add value both aesthetically and physically to the properties they touch.