Our business is about history and design.

Often the features we create do not get the prominence they deserve in a room. They can often be “the accessory that makes the outfit” individually attractive without the setting, but often inspiring (when used in the right context).

The exception to the rule are the corners blocks who may have had the humble origins of making the corner joint more simple but today exude an ambience of quality and prestige.
Yet it is not difficult to move from a quality ambience to an overstated mismatch.

The best example of this would be the overuse of wooden rosettes for moulding corner blocks, surprisingly a classic moulding detail that lends historical accuracy to reproduction work. Yet it is perfect if used correctly but tacky if overused.

We have always prided ourselves on our range of corner blocks (detailed below) as we see these as being classic designs that work well with both reeded and unreeded architraves, and they can add opulence without being overpowering.

These three corner block designs have been used successfully in a number of homes throughout the UK and provide both companies and home owners with a quality solution.

So it is with reticence that we should start to look at changing these unnecessarily. But in some cases the size is not quite right or the effect required is more dramatic.

This was recently the case on a project in the South West of England where the developers and the client were creating a farmhouse that would be worthy of any glossy design magazine.

Yet the trials and tribulations of the transfer from concept to reality often come back to haunt a project when it is under-way. In this case, although they have chosen our classic skirting boards (albeit them enhanced in height) and architraves, they needed to increase the size of the block for the main reception rooms.

We considered a number of options and eventually resorted to a classical historical approach adopted by stone masons in the Grecian architectural styles, creating a simple solution to effectively frame the classic corner blocks with an outer lining.

The client loved the proposition and decided to mix both classic and the enhanced products throughout the house as advised by the designed.

A lesson learnt by us

Perhaps the most valuable lesson learnt was that to be different and add value you need to think “outside the box” and this is something on which we pride ourselves. Yet any idea must be aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.

Therefore our quiet mission to forge a route forward as “woodwork engineers” took one step further forward on this project. But we are up for a challenge so if we can help you on anything like this then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01423 816016 or email us at enquiries@periodmouldings.co.uk and we will see how we can help.