Much as we like to keep abreast of changing interior fashions and we also like to keep an eye on how the neighbours and people we know are designing their homes, we also like to think our homes are unique. It’s true that how we combine furnishings, fittings and colour schemes are unlikely to be replicated anywhere else, even if we could see inside every home in the UK, but we do occasionally like to think that we have implemented a design idea that nobody else has.

Contemporary fashions definitely present these situations from time to time, and the current fashion for black skirting boards is a case in point. This is very much a design idea suitable for contemporary skirting boards, but equally, it is something that can be adapted to suit skirting boards of all types and styles. And while we might not see it in many homes, black skirting boards are a visually arresting design idea, and they are very much achievable whatever style of home you have.

How do we paint our skirting boards?

black skirting boards

The beauty of soft and hard natural woods is that their surface can be prepared to be painted, unlike MDF, which is popular for use on skirting boards. A natural wood such as Pine, Sapele, Tulipwood or Oak can be sanded down to remove any imperfections, or even the last coat of paint or stain that you applied, and if you give the skirting boards a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust and wood shavings, you are ready to go.

Natural woods can take a coat of paint much better than MDF, and you can often retain the natural beauty of the wood too. Even if you were going for black skirting boards, you would be able to see the natural grain underneath, which gives the skirtings a distinctive and appealing look. Black skirting boards are definitely a current design trend, and can be combined with architrave, rails and ceiling moulds to create a bold overall colour scheme, and of course an attractive contrast with wall colours and interior furniture and lighting. And while black skirting boards are a modern trend, they will always contrast well with white and so you could go with white skirting boards and contrast them with black.

Skirting board styles for painting

At Period Mouldings our range of contemporary skirting boards are perfect for painting black or white for a modern look, but this would equally work just as well with Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian skirting boards. These classic design periods show subtle differences with the profile and curvature of the skirting design, but will all lend themselves to black skirting or white skirting.

And if you have seen a design you really like or that is existing in your home that doesn’t fit into any design category, we do carry out a bespoke skirting boards service, whereby you send us a minimum 15cm length sample and we mimic it to create the full length of skirting board that you need. And if you paint this black, then you would definitely have the unique look that you are after.

Contact Period Mouldings for your replacement skirting boards

If you need any advice about replacing your skirting boards or painting your skirting boards, then contact Period Mouldings today, we can advise on colour schemes that work and the best woods for different types of paint. We understand what it is like to see new trends appearing and imagining how that will look in our homes, and black skirting boards is a very valid case in point. It may not appeal to everyone, but it can be a striking design that works really well in some homes, so get in touch with Period Mouldings and we can help you make your home unique.

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