Period furniture has long been established as representing the very best of British design, in terms of quality and style. At Period Mouldings we can access the best manufacturing techniques and classic designs which will always look great, and along with our established ranges of skirting, architraves, rails and door mouldings, we can now add period doors.

Traditional internal furniture has been a staple part of British architecture and design for hundreds of years. This is built on a principle of quality manufacture and design, which ensures they are timeless features of the home, and immune to the passing of different fashions and fads in interior décor.

Likewise, doors are integral features of the home and a bold and ubiquitous element of your interior design which merits deep thought and a considered theme. The introduction of period doors will help you in this quest, as you are now able to match the curves, lines and delicate features of period touches all around the home to ensure a running theme is completed. From stained glass to carved wood, doors are an unmistakable feature that really make a statement, so let Period Mouldings help you get them right.

Choosing the right period door for your home

There are a number of considerations you can make to ensure you choose the right period door for your home. We now stock all the same period doors to match the other traditional features in the home, so you can choose doors to complement the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian mouldings elsewhere. It makes sense to match styles where you can, and you can also ensure that you choose doors that have the same soft or hard wood type and can take the same type of paint or varnish to produce the same finish.

We are here to help you with all these considerations, and our design experts can talk to you about your interior design to ensure you make the right decisions and end up with the right doors to complement your home.

Like all Period Mouldings products, our period doors are great value for money and are available for quick delivery. We can even talk about bespoke designs to match your existing period features as closely as possible, if you can’t find something that perfectly replicates what you have now.

Contact our period design experts

So now you can choose period doors to complete the internal design of your home and ensure that a considered theme runs right throughout the house. An overall interior design looks fantastic when you are able to link rooms, corridors, staircases and passageways with the same design. This creates a natural flow that is easy on the eye and brings peace, calm, uniformity, character and a sense of achievement to a home.

Our range of period doors is exactly what you need to complete your interior design, so contact us today and we can discuss your options to ensure the traditional design of your period home works for you, and complements your existing classic and timeless period features.


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