You have a beautiful period home and you want to celebrate it. The problem, and you already know this, is that having a period home comes with familiar and not entirely surprising issues; some of the features are very old and need replacing, and the parts you need to replace are obsolete and no longer available. Not only that, restoring and renovating a period property requires skills and patience that you may not possess. But this should not put you off your 2024 renovation project and you need to start planning for it now, because at Period Mouldings we do have the solutions to help you.

So what is your 2024 home renovation project? Is it replacing all your period doors? Restoring the traditional fireplace in your front room, dining room or sitting room? Maybe you have a sweeping, elegant staircase that needs some love and attention? Or underneath that tired, old carpet in the hallway is a stretch of wonderful parquet flooring that is itching to be brought back to life. These types of renovation project can revitalise your home, make it unique and fulfil the design potential you knew was hidden in the property when you bought it. That makes such a renovation project a personal mission, and Period Mouldings is here to help you get it right.

How to plan for your 2024 home renovation project

Planning for your 2024 home renovation project needs to begin now. This involves working out what you are capable of doing yourself and what you need to call in the experts for. It involves designing what you want it to look like, what materials you will need, how long it will take and, of course, what kind of budget you can enable for it.

The critical factor with period renovations is that you don’t always know what you are working with. It is true that many materials were made and installed better 100 years ago, but they will still have aged, and how we have treated these materials in the meantime may affect how we can remove and/or restore them. This means that some features cannot be restored, or will become irreparably damaged when we attempt to restore them, and we often need to bite the bullet and replace them, which means finding a contemporary match for associated items such as architrave, skirting boards, rails and mouldings.

Quality hand-made period materials

It is important that any major project such as new flooring, or new features such as a fireplace, retains the character of the feature and the room and also has consistency, both inside and outside the room, so replacing features with the right item from the right design period is crucial. Period Mouldings can help you with this process in terms of:

  • Finding the right wood type
  • Advising what kind of finish you can apply
  • Matching an item to the correct design period
  • Providing bespoke designs where this is needed
  • Providing hand-made replacement mouldings and features made using quality, locally-sourced materials and using traditional techniques

Anyone with a critical eye for interior design will know that the devil is in the detail, and any period renovation project will live or die on how you manage to restore surrounding features such as architrave and skirting boards. These items will frame a room or an entrance hallway, so it is essential you get this right, and in many cases this will require sourcing new materials to carefully and faithfully mimic these traditional features. Period Mouldings can provide these solutions via our extensive range of Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian features, while we can also supply contemporary designs for situations where you think this will work.

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