Hello and welcome to our first official post on the new Period Mouldings Blog.

We have started this blog in an effort to share our enthusiasm, and to give our customers an insight into the world of architectural mouldings. We will explore everything from why we use the wood we do, to what mouldings work best to achieve the perfect finish for your home.

Mark and Andrew at Period Mouldings

But first, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves, and how Period Mouldings came to be here today. My name is Mark, and together with my brother Andrew, we started this company 7 years ago in order to provide quality period wood mouldings to people all over. As a family we have a huge passion for traditional woodworking and have always been amazed by how the usage of wood in different and clever places can make such an impact.

We have the greatest admiration for the intricacy and skill that once went into cutting the beautiful moulds you see in so many period homes, but we understand that in this rapidly developing world, efficiency, precision, and value for money are of the upmost importance. In order to provide the best of both worlds for our customers, we apply the latest methods and techniques to our work to ensure the best quality and flexible bespoke designs for the best price, and this is why we created the first online company in the UK to supply period skirting boards, architraves and other traditional mouldings to customers across the world.

In the past when doing our own homes, we both noticed how difficult it was to not only find a wide range of designs, but source the wood at a good price. That is why we put our heads together to try to alleviate this problem for other people, so that everyone can have the best quality product in their homes for far, far less.

Together we scoured the UK archives, carefully researching, measuring and collecting original designs from UK Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and of course more contemporary styles; and now with a unique collection of over 100 period wood mouldings from the four key architectural periods in Great Britain, we would like to present to you Period Mouldings.

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So finally, a very warm welcome from all the team here at Period Mouldings, we look forward to working with you.