Interior mouldings in the home are timeless, even if they are from a distinctive design period. You can match them with whatever retro interior designs are flavour of the month or match them with new trends which are appearing on the scene, particularly if you consider our contemporary-style mouldings also. Elle Décor has released its hot interior design trends for 2024, and it’s striking how many would work with the different interior mouldings available in our range. 

Social media now enables sharable content to go viral very quickly, and therefore people pick-up on interior décor trends straight away. As social media is all about individuals and the quirky unpredictability of what can catch on from a twenty second video, a lot of interior décor trends are about personalisation, and an “anything goes” attitude, which means the 2024 interior design trends are more about eclecticism than co-ordination. But all the same, we’ve gone through the Elle Décor list and found that our period mouldings are a great complementary feature in most cases.  

Bling – Examples of gold leaf being woven into furniture surfaces offers glamourous veins and metallic accents that really stand out, and they are supposed to. They may not be a natural match for softwood Edwardian skirtings, but this is all about idiosyncrasies, so why not? 

Small furniture – Outdoor furniture is going big, but interior furniture is remaining smaller and much more subtle. Think low armchairs and sofas which could be contrasted with larger and bolder skirtings and wall mouldings to keep everything balanced and in context.  

Cork – Everything gets a revival eventually and this year cork is having its turn. The lightweight and adaptable material is great for walls and floors and can be matched with wooden skirtings and architrave, which of course could be painted or left natural.  

Texture not high gloss – No more shiny walls thanks, gloss paint is out, to be replaced by hand-brushed finishes and a more rustic texture. Why not paint your skirtings, architrave, doors and rails the same? 

Brown statements – Grey has had its day, with people now using a more earthy brown as the standout colour. Natural wood doors and skirtings are the perfect complement for this.  

Victorian detail – 19th century aesthetics are predicted to see a revival in 2024. Expect heavy design, great textures and more onus on the ornate than the minimalist. And of course you can choose many Victorian period features from our range to match.  

Artisanal design – We want to see the human hand in everything, so bespoke is in rather than the mass-produced. And we celebrate skill and craftsmanship at Period Mouldings, with all our mouldings hand-made in Yorkshire using traditional techniques. You can even order a bespoke design to make your mouldings truly artisanal.     

Meet curves with straight lines – Curvaceous sofas and chairs are still very much in, but you don’t want curves everywhere. That’s not easy on the eye; you need to balance curves with a mix of straight lines, and an easy and subtle way to do that is to fit new skirting boards, architrave and picture rails 

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If you need any advice on how your interior décor will work with period or contemporary features, then contact our expert team here at Period Mouldings for a free consultation. We can advise on our full range of interior mouldings and help you choose an internal scheme that provides balance and context but also adds the wow factor you need, so get in touch today.   

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