The UK Government is busy approving new housing schemes all over the country to help address the shortfall in housing supply, but there are still plenty of house-hunters wanting a period property. Traditional homes are brimming with character, classic features and ornamental style, and some say they knew how to build houses to last in those days. But if you live in the north of the UK and are hoping to find your dream period property, you might find it a bit of a struggle.

According to research carried out by property website Zoopla, the highest concentration of period properties for sale is in London, which might be a surprise to many people. Using data where ‘period property’ or the words Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Tudor are used in the listing description of properties for sale, the results don’t necessarily follow the trends you would think, and mean that northerners might need to contemplate re-locating to find the period home they have always wanted.

The north scores low for period properties

London has the most period properties for sale as a percentage, with 19% of its vast housing stock on the market classed as ‘period’. The next best region is the south west with 14%, then the south east with 12% and Wales with 11%. The lowest concentration of period properties is in Northern Ireland with just 3%, and everywhere else in the UK, including Yorkshire & Humberside, north east, north west and Scotland, fall in the bracket of 8-10%; pretty low for areas known for traditional values and leaning heavily on an industrial past.

In terms of specific locations within these areas, the top ten is again heavily populated by the London boroughs. Haringey comes in as the area of the UK most densely-populated with period homes for sale, with a result of 30% concentration. Waltham Forest and Hammersmith & Fulham are second and third respectively, in fact London has seven locations alone in the top ten. The most popular location for period properties outside of London is Brighton, at 24% and in fifth-place.

There are no properties north of London in this top ten. But it’s not completely slim pickings for those northerners looking for period architrave, skirting boards, ceiling mouldings and doors. They can still restore fireplaces, bannisters and recover stunning parquet flooring in a few northern locations.

How to create your own period property

In the Yorkshire & Humber region, Craven in the Yorkshire Dales has a 16% concentration of period properties for sale. Scotland might be a good move for some, with Argyll and Bute on the west coast providing 15% of period homes. Alas, Rossendale, between Blackburn and Rochdale in the north west can only offer 13%, while Darlington in the north east only offers a mere 10%.

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