Important notice: COVID-19

Last updated: Tuesday, 15th September 2020.

Timber lengths

Due to Covid-19 and supply issues, we are unable to guarantee timber lengths for every order. Your order may include lengths that are different to that stated on the product description. Contact us before placing an order if this may cause you issues.

We are open

We have been asked and decided that as long as we are allowed we will continue to support construction/refurbishment in the UK

Our thoughts go out to all of you that have been affected by this unprecedented event.

The health of our team/customers/partners/suppliers is our absolute priority and we wanted to assure that we are doing everything we can to allow all products, as part of the construction supply chain, to get from us to you in a safe responsive manner.

Limiting risk

Yet we have only made this decision because we have for over a month been running a very aggressive risk control policy against Covid 19. We started by using shift patterns that meant that at any one time there are only 5 employees operating in 8000 square feet production facility who are applying social distancing measures.

Our front office team are working from home and if they do need to come in the office they are doing so outside of production work hours. We are disinfecting all our frequently touched surfaces every evening, including doors handles, hand tools, machines, toilets, entrance doors, forklifts etc. And we are even disinfecting our floors (not that easy in a wood workshop), twice per week and we are in process of repainting our floors with anti- bacterial paint.

All our operatives are wearing gloves to handle the materials and packing and our delivery couriers do not enter the building to collect anymore.

What of the future

As long as our employees feel safe and our customers still want deliveries via our delivery partners DX and Tufnell’s, we will attempt to take and process orders.

If customers wish to order, and for us to hold the product, then again we are accommodating. We have purchased additional raw materials to ensure that we can meet supply and our UK timber partners are also operating with strict Covid 19 delivery processes.