Bay windows are a typical feature of a period property and really make a statement that is worth some work to make the most of. This means that skirting boards really finish off the bay effect well and make the window a standout feature.

A traditional period property often has bay windows as a feature in a larger room, and hence skirting boards are important. Quite apart from their usual protective benefits, skirting boards in a period property play an important decorative role because of the size of the room, and help to break up the space of a plain wall. Given the higher ceilings in such properties, it is not recommended that you ignore the need for a skirting board around a bay window.

Choosing a skirting board for a bay window

Some people would recommend an MDF skirting board for a bay window because it bends easier, but this doesn’t necessarily balance out the disadvantages of using MDF, such as the cheap appearance and the lack of a quality finish. Furthermore, natural woods are still able to be bent into shape, particularly, and perhaps surprisingly, a hardwood such as oak, rather than a softwood.

How do I fit a skirting board in a bay window?

You may drop lucky and find a property with a bay window that has straight wall sections in a half-hexagonal or octagonal shape. This makes it easier to fit shorter straight lengths of skirting, but if you have a more common semi-circular bay window shape, there are still methods you can use.

The most popular method of fitting wooden skirting boards in a bay window is to make a series of short “kerf cuts” in the reverse side of the board. These are repeated and identical cuts about a third of the depth into the board and about 20-25mm apart. These will allow the board to bend into shape.

If you have the space and time you could alternatively balance the length of board off the ground at either end, and gradually and carefully add weight to the middle. To do this properly could take about a week, but it is quite effective, as long as you don’t add too much weight too soon and are prepared to be patient. Incremental additions of weight over the week should allow you to get the curve you need. Be aware that all woods are slightly different, even one section of the same type of wood may bend differently to another section, just because of its grain structure.

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Why should I choose Period Mouldings for my bay window skirting boards?

A bay window is perfectly suited to a period property and Period Mouldings is the best supplier of a variety of different period style of skirting boards. You can choose from Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian or contemporary styles to suit your property and finish required. With lengths typically at 21mm in thickness, this is a suitable dimension to allow you to bend the wood as required, whilst still maintaining the robust structure you need.

Our expert sales staff can also advise on the best wood type to use for your skirting requirements, and you can be assured that all our wood used is of premium quality and sourced in Yorkshire in the UK, so get in touch with us today.

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