A skirting board is an essential feature of your interior design, and while it has an important functional purpose, its aesthetic appeal should not be underestimated either. A skirting board hides the joints between walls and floors and conceals expansion areas from floor boards and where cracks may appear. It makes these junction points neat and tidy and also covers up draughts, which can make a room cold. And while a skirting board might be something of an afterthought in your interior design planning, you would certainly notice if they weren’t there, and if you get them wrong, it will really attract the eye.

So, the impact of skirting boards is quite a significant one and they can be much more visible than you realise. This is why you should start thinking about how you want them to look, and about what options are out there. And if you have seen something but don’t know where to get it, or you have an idea that you want to make a reality, Period Mouldings might be able to help you.

Bespoke skirting boards to make your home unique

Bespoke skirting boards are a way of making your dreams a reality and also making your home truly special and unique. With just a simple length of sample material we can replicate a design to produce a dedicated piece of interior design that is unique to your home. Skirting boards come in standard heights and lengths, but their profiles differ to give them a distinctive appeal. With our quality design and machining techniques, we can take your ideas and turn them from the page into reality, and using the same techniques and hand-made craftsmanship as our highly successful standard range.

How we work to make your bespoke skirting board designs?

To produce your bespoke skirting board, this is what we do:

  • We need you to provide us with a 15cm minimum sample of the skirting board you want us to make or replicate
  • Based on the sample you provide, the work involved in machining the skirting board and the amount of lengths you require, we will prepare a quote
  • Once the design and quote are agreed we will prepare some detailed drawings. This is done using our CAD system
  • We will send the design drawings to you for your approval before we proceed with any manufacture
  • Upon your authorisation we begin manufacturing the boards
  • Our quality systems issue each new design we manufacture with a unique product reference code. This number is attached the specification of your design, and means that should you wish to re-order it, we will have all the details to hand and all you have to do is give us the reference code.

Our bespoke skirting boards are produced very much via a two-way process. Because we are producing these especially for you, it is essential that you are involved at all stages.

Contact Period Mouldings to order your bespoke skirting boards

You can check out our standard range of skirting boards with Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and contemporary designs, which suit most period or modern homes. But we also understand that you may have unique requirements which merit specialist products, and that is why we have developed this bespoke skirting board service. So don’t deny your home the quality and visual style that you specifically want, and make your interior design dreams a reality, by contacting Period Mouldings to discuss bespoke skirting boards today, and we can start the process of establishing a quotation.

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