The wealth of skirtings, architraves, rails and door mouldings available in our range is eclectic and challenging, and draws inspiration from all areas around the world. Inevitably some products draw more attention than others, this may be down to interior design fashions, a surge in popularity of a particular period due to a film or TV show or simply because one product or style has a unique quality that has captured the imagination.

We occasionally review our bestselling products and take some time to highlight their qualities and what has maybe made them more popular than our other products. So here is a review of our current bestsellers, and perhaps they will inspire you to take the plunge and keep up with what is most popular in interior design.

Ampleforth Victorian Skirting Board

Taking inspiration from the village in Ryedale near York from which it takes its name, this skirting board is available in two heights, 170mm and 210mm. Each has a depth of 21mm and comes in lengths of 3.6 metres. This should help you calculate how many lengths you need, but first admire the stately elegance that somehow gives this board a quality that would suit a modern or a traditional interior. This adaptability gives the Ampleforth range a unique characteristic and the double teardrop design provides the easy-on-the-eye curves that make this product stand out from the crowd.

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Derwent Edwardian Skirting Board

Available in the same dimensions and lengths as above, this skirting board is also available in all four of our major wood types; pine, sapele, tulipwood and oak, with any finish available and also the option of a carved-in cable groove to hide those pesky wires. The Edwardian period was relatively short compared to the Victorian period, but it had a lasting effect, and the complex design of this skirting board is perhaps a reason why. It combines steps and rounded sections and has an impact that you won’t forget.

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Acaster Skirting Block

Sometimes simplicity is best, and we have certainly found this with the Acaster skirting block, which has a minimalist design that makes it adaptable to so many accompanying fixings. There is no period attached to this product so you are at liberty to use your expression and match it with any architrave design. With three sizes available – 100mm, 200mm and 300mm – and the same range of wood types and finishes, a skirting block is perhaps a peripheral purchase but it will very quickly become central to how your room looks overall.

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Acomb Georgian Architrave

Our bestselling architrave displays the quality and prestige that comes as standard with any Georgian period piece. The steps and flat sections combine with a rounded finish, typical of any Georgian design, and offer an elegant piece that will add aesthetic value to any room. This architrave is available with 144mm height and 43mm depth and at 2.4 metre lengths, and you can choose from any wood type from pine, sapele, tulipwood and oak, as before.

So take a look at our bestselling products and see for yourself what has intrigued people and caught their eye. All of these products are available in stock and you can speak to our sales people to discuss design ideas.

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