In the modern era of industrial chic and a minimalist aversion to detail materials like solid oak get something of a bad press. But the current trend for upcycling is certainly prompting a revival for classic woods and let’s face it, regardless of the cycle of interior trends, the antique or traditional look of solid oak will always work in the right setting. Furthermore, solid oak is surprisingly adaptable and can be used in a contemporary way, so it is a material that really ticks a lot of boxes.

The Sloane Victorian Skirting Board

At Period Mouldings, our attention on skirting boards, architraves and rails naturally makes solid oak a wood we would always recommend, but it really does work. So taking skirting boards and architraves as our central features, we have put together six stylish ways you can use solid oak in the home in a way that adds charm and character.

  1. Skirting boards

Solid oak is strong and durable and therefore lends itself well to use in skirting boards, where vacuum cleaners, kids’ toys, pets and general wear and tear can give them a tough time over the years. The fact that you can stain your solid oak skirting boards also means they can be adapted to suit other features in the home and even in other rooms. Often skirting boards are dismissed as a periphery feature, but making sure they match and run from room to room can produce an eye-catching feature that enhances the feel of your home.

Our range of skirting boards covers all eras, but popular amongst them are the Kilvington Contemporary skirting board, which comes in two heights and a standard 3.6m length and offers a neat and sleek grooved detail. The Sloane Victorian skirting board comes in the same sizes and offers some elegance and prestige.

  1. Architrave

Again, door detail and surrounds can often be an afterthought, but get them wrong and your eyes will be forever attracted to your mistake. Our range of architrave surrounds covers Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Contemporary periods, but there is a big difference in the styles on offer.

Our Askham Georgian architrave is 70mm x 21mm and comes in a 2.4m length, while our Askwith Victorian architrave is much deeper, at 115mm x 28mm, adding a touch of class and a bolder feature which, stained or painted well, can really make a statement.

askwith architrave

  1. Doors

Solid oak also lends itself well to doors of all types; internal, external or part-glazed. You have the option here of finding a traditional or contemporary style, and staining the door can make it a warm and rich colour which can also enhance other colours you have used in the room.

  1. Coffee table

A wooden coffee table will never look out of place and solid oak is a classic, durable material that can make this a central feature in your living room or sitting room. There are plenty of great designs around today that can make a solid oak coffee table a stylish item of furniture, but also add contemporary multi-uses with the practical addition of drawers or a storage shelf underneath the table top.

  1. Dining table

Fashions, tastes and materials come and go, but the solid oak dining table will always be an aspirational item of furniture and a symbol of some prestige. The dining table often becomes a statement feature in the home and where a lot of household activity is centred around, so it becomes a long-lasting investment if you opt for solid oak to match your skirting boards and architrave.

  1. Sideboard

Space-permitting, a sideboard is a practical and stylish feature which can carry on the solid oak theme running through your home with the skirting boards and architraves. Again, you can stain the wood to ensure it matches colour-wise.

Solid oak is a good quality, durable wood that is adaptable to many uses around the home, and acts as a versatile alternative to Sapele, Tulipwood and Pine and certainly carries some key benefits compared to oak veneer. Please browse through our skirting board and architraves range and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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