The biggest consideration when assessing skirting boards in the bathroom is moisture, and how best you can prepare for that. Whilst it is rare that you will get a full scale flooding in the bathroom, there are often splashes and spillages and prolonged and repeated exposure to steam can become a problem with some materials.

For this reason, MDF is often not recommended for use in the bathroom as moisture makes it swell and expand. It can then become easily damaged. So traditional woods are better known for use as skirting boards in the bathroom, particularly as they can be finished more easily.

Also, flooring in bathrooms is typically vinyl or laminate flooring, rather than carpet. This can leave gaps around the perimeter walls and hence skirting boards are essential in hiding those gaps.

What to look for when choosing skirting boards for the bathroom

Traditional woods such as Oak, Pine, Tulipwood or Sapele can be coated with a primer before painting, to add an extra layer of protection. This means a skirting board in any of these materials should be suitable for a bathroom, where moisture contact is possible. Painting or varnishing your wooden skirting boards also acts to hide any imperfections.

The size of your bathroom is often a factor in the style of skirting board you choose. Bathrooms tend not to be the biggest rooms in the house, so it may be that your skirting board should be more modest and understated, rather than a deep and bold design. Equally, a bathroom can look very modern and sparse, so you may wish to avoid a period skirting board which can be more ‘fussy’ and decorative and opt for a simpler contemporary design.

Another factor to consider when choosing skirting boards for the bathroom is that wall tiles are often used. If you are replacing skirting boards therefore, you need to be careful that your new skirting boards will sit flush to the wall tiles and won’t stand proud of them. Or vice versa. This is not a factor with a normally painted wall, but wall tiles can make a critical difference.

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