Skirting boards for any part of the house are an important feature that you can’t afford to underestimate. And this is particularly true for the stairs. Skirting boards for stairs are a detail that can make a big difference, both when you get it right and when you get it wrong.

A stairway can look unfinished if you don’t add a skirting, notwithstanding all the normal protective functions that skirting provides. Furthermore, skirting on stairways can provide continuity between levels of the house, which helps with the flow and the overall feel of your property. Do it right, and certainly your stairway can become an integral feature of the home.

What to look out for when choosing skirting boards for stairs

Fitting skirting boards for stairs can be a tricky and labour intensive task, particularly when assessing the time it takes per square meter of board fitted. This is because you have to mimic the angles of the stairs and the tread overhang in your skirting. Often it is difficult to match the angles and profiles of your stairs in the skirting, and you also need to consider how to cap or bead your skirting on top.

What is essential is that you match your skirting as closely as you can from one floor to the next. You may feel this is not important with the stairs, given that so much of the skirting is cut away to match the steps themselves, but the finished installation will look so much better if you match style, colour and finish. You should also be aware that it will be much easier to fit skirting on stairs before you fit carpets or any other kind of flooring.

Victorian Skirting Boards

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Edwardian Skirting Boards

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Why choose Period Mouldings?

The biggest issue with fitting skirting on stairs is that there is a lot of cutting and machining involved to match the skirting to the angle of the stairs. For this reason you need materials that are easy to cut and machine. The four skirting types supplied by Period Mouldings – Oak, Sapele, Tulipwood and Pine – all lend themselves to this. It is then just a case of choosing a style and whether you wish to paint or varnish the wood.

Period Mouldings supply various period styles, such as Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and contemporary, and it really is an individual choice as to what would best suit your home. You may, however, find that the ridges and detail on a Victorian skirting are too low on the board and wouldn’t work on the stairs, or that the same feature of Edwardian skirting is too fussy. In that case, a plainer skirting such as contemporary or a Georgian style may work better?

Whatever style you choose, we can supply cut lengths of the best quality wood, featuring expert craftsmanship and made in Yorkshire. So contact us for advice and we can help you choose the best skirting for your stairs.

Contemporary Skirting Boards

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